Welcome to the stealthiest operation this side of the B-2 Spirit!

A perfect Catalina Island day
photo ©JW

Hello & welcome to the blog for Catalina Royale Surprise, an ambush birthday celebration for a man we all know & love. This bash is being thrown by his favorite leading lady, E.B. (Bond Girl codename: Lottie Legs).

The invitations and audio intelligence inside the CLASSIFIED envelopes you all received were designed by, and sent from, me. Since E.B. (aka Lottie Legs) acknowledges her inability for telling lies, I have been asked to be your contact person and go-between. If this were The Love Boat, I'd be your Cruise Director, but that's a title for another day and another party.

Having disclosed the chink in her armor, please DO NOT contact Lottie Legs directly (or--obviously--the Guest of Honor!) in regards to this surprise party, as that would be compromising the already challenging mission to keep this whole thing under wraps. She REALLY is a terrible liar, don't make her prove it.

Please remember to RSVP by June 30th, and e-mail any questions/concerns to the e-mail address found on your invitation; alternately click on the "comments" hotlink below any of the posts on this blog to contact me. I have all blog comments set to be moderated, so they will be emailed to me and not actually posted here. This is just to be sure we don't leave a trace for him to somehow stumble upon. I will be checking the email inbox for this blog and for the RSVPs daily, and will get back to you as soon as I can if you have a need for me to do so.

You'll find additional party information in the following posts to help you plan for 7•7•007. Keep checking back for updates, which will be below this initial welcome post. Additional direct links in the sidebar.

On behalf of "Lottie Legs", thank you for being a special part of his big day!

Cruise Director Head Action Officer
Clandestine Operations Dept. 7•7•007

What could possibly be stealthier than the planning of this party? I couldn't think of anything besides this.