Quotes from William's plebian brother, Long Beach Hotel links

"To get hammered, or not to get hammered. That is the question."

Also overheard the next morning lamenting:
"O aspirin, aspirin! Wherefore art thou aspirin?"
-Bobby "12-Pack" Shakespeare (the disreputable but more relatable Shakespeare brother)

On that note, Lottie Legs emailed me today requesting that I add some Long Beach hotel information on here for you. She explains it much more poetically than I ever could:

"People could always stay in Long Beach for the night if Catalina hotels are full and they still want to get hammered."

(Of course, this is also an option for those of you who won't be getting hammered.)

Here are a couple of clickable links:

Long Beach Hotels (may take about 20 seconds to load, even with high-speed connection. Be patient-- it's quite an extensive list)

Long Beach Chamber of Commerce

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