Your Questions: Answered Here!

I will continue to update this post based on the questions you all contact me about over the next few weeks until the party.

1) We have a child. Should we bring her? She's really good but not all parties are child- friendly, if you know what I mean.

Yes, I know exactly what you mean! Never fear, this place is great for kids! There are lots of water sports, and when Lottie Legs went a couple of months ago to book Descanso Beach Club for the party, she saw plenty of children on Catalina Island having a great time.

**She does give this disclaimer (with a little wink): "Lottie Legs will not be providing childcare services!"** So, I guess if you want one, you have to B.Y.O.Babysitter!


2) Are there plans after lunch, or is it lunch-and-then-do-what-you-want-on-Catalina Island?

The party-centric plans are lunch at Descanso Beach Club and then linger there with everyone as long as you want. DBC has the only "bar on the sand" on Catalina Island, so you could, theoretically, hang out there the entire day. Otherwise, after you've had enough of the birthday bash, feel free to do whatever you like: lay on the beach, participate in water sports, shop around town, etc.!

I imagine that most people will at the very least hang out at DBC for awhile after lunch and then at some point either take the ferries back to Long Beach for hotels or to head back home. Otherwise, if staying over on Catalina interests you, I suggest looking online ASAP for availability b/c of the holiday weekend.

Utilize those hotlinks in the sidebar on the top right of this blog to find out what Catalina Island has to offer, besides the fun you'll have at the party, that is!


These are the first 2 questions that have been emailed to me. Keep checking back for updates!

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