*COMINT* from Lottie Legs herself!

I wish I had just 2 ounces of Julie's ("Event Specialist"/Long-Time Friend) creativity - shaken, not stirred, of course.

"M" and I are arriving via helicopter (5:30 reservation) on Friday, July 6 out of Long Beach - Queen Mary site. We are staying at the Zane Grey hotel-- far off the beaten path-- so we should stay out of the way until Saturday.

Our return is on Sunday, July 8th at 12:45 from Avalon to Long Beach - Queen Mary site. We'd love to share the boat ride back with anyone lucky enough to get hotel reservations on Catalina Island!

I hope you can make it, and I hope I survive the days of sneaking around that are still ahead...

--Lottie Legs

*COMINT*: Acronym for communications intelligence.

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