Catalina Island General Info

We highly recommend that you make your ferry (or helicopter!) reservations to Catalina Island as soon as possible, as they have been known to sell out. Keep in mind the day of the party is over a holiday weekend, so the quicker you make the reservation, the better off you'll be.

Important: Give yourself plenty of time to park & pick up your ferry ticket(s) because (according to the Catalina Island official site) if you show up at the ticket counter less than 15 minutes before departure time, there is a good chance that your ticket will have been sold to a stand-by passenger.

The US Coast Guard has issued security measures for all passenger vessels. All passengers sixteen years or older must have photo identification or they may not be permitted to board the vessel. Please be sure to have photo identification when checking in at the ticket counter and when boarding. All baggage must have an identification tag and is subject to physical inspection.

In the summer the crossing is generally calm, though those who are sensitive are advised to take a dramamine an hour before departure.

Most first-timers try to get a seat on the upper (exposed) decks, only to come back inside once the winds on the channel start to get cool. Grab a seat inside, and then walk the decks. All the boats have snack bars with cocktail service.

**Please arrive at Descanso Beach Club no later than 11:30. The Guest of Honor will arrive around noon, and lunch will be served from 12-1. Casual dress.**

You'll find everything you need on transportation, Catalina hotels (if you choose to stay overnight), and island maps here: Catalina Island official website.

See additional links in sidebar, or e-mail me (by clicking on the comment link below each post on this blog; or by using the RSVP e-mail address from the invitation) and I will do everything I can to assist you.

The following post will have information on Long Beach hotels.

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